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Services for Houston Expats, Repats and Adult Third Culture Kids

It is both an honor and joy to specialize in providing psychological services to the international population of the greater Houston area.  I spent my childhood in Texas and Europe, and underwent my study and training on both continents, as well.  I myself am an Adult Third Culture Kid and understand firsthand the unique challenges faced by expats, repats and TCKs.  

I provide consultations, counseling, and therapy services to Houston Expats, Repats and Adult Third Culture Kids.  Common areas of concerns that I offer support for are: 

  • Coping with culture shock and re-entry shock

  • Maximizing adjustment and coping during the relocation period

  • Navigating the world as an Adult Third Culture Kid: Identity, Relationships, Career, Retaining Culture and Values

  • Couples Counseling for Intercultural and International Couples

  • Coping with long-distance relationships to family and loved ones



Individuals: $180 for 45-50 minutes

Couples:  $215 for 45-50 minutes

80 minute session are available for a prorated fee.  

Therapy is a personal investment in one’s own growth and overall well-being. It is expected that you will pay for the therapeutic services at the time they are provided.  

Cancellation Policy: 

I request that you will be prompt for your appointment and that you will give me 24 hours notice if you must cancel the appointment. If, for any reason, you cannot let me know 24 hours in advance, or simply do not show up for an appointment, you will be charged the regular fee for the time reserved.